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Exploration in Exegesis

This is my first post of what will hopefully be many. I often find myself beginning projects but not sticking with them or finishing them, and I’m sure no one reading this can relate to that at all. I have many projects on my plate, many duties, many obligations and delights – my family being first and foremost. But other than spending time with my boys, girl, and lovely wife, there are few things that really get me going more than biblical studies.

My interests vary greatly. Biblical studies, exegesis, and biblical languages are primary, but my purpose for diving deeper into these things was in order to better handle and understand the things of theology – to build a solid base and foundation to unpackage these deeper things of God. As always, fides quaerens intellectum. So many of my posts will delve into theology as well, though more often than not these will probably come out in the form of questions, ruminations, and conjectures. But I will begin with the results of some of my explorations in the Gospel according to Mark – staying safe for the moment in my comfort zone of biblical studies.

That is why I’m here – to begin to put to organized words the notes I have in disarray and the thoughts that I have in my head… which are in fair disarray as well. I’m hoping – planning – that having this platform and format will push me to stay consistent in elucidating the thoughts that come out in my studies. And who knows… maybe someone will notice this, find it of value, and offer valued feedback. We shall see – but at the moment, this is just for me.